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Listen Up, Everyone: Dylan Needs Help.

Dylan, aka “Free Hugs Guy” is basically the mascot of Leakycon.  As seen above, he’s sort of everywhere.  He matters.  He is essential to Leakycon (and I say this going to Leaky my fourth year this year and having never been to a con that didn’t have Dylan, let’s not start now).

Dylan does free hugs most days of the con, but also spends an entire day doing $1 Hugs to benefit This Star Won’t Go Out, a foundation started in honor of Esther Earl and near and dear to Leaky’s heart.  With this year’s con falling on Esther Day, we can’t very well have a con without Dylan, who does more than most of us to spread Esther’s message of love and happiness and community.

Dylan is working on a fundraiser to get to Leakycon this year, and if you can, donate to that here.

More importantly, Dylan is looking for help actually getting to Leakycon.  If you or anyone you know is leaving from, passing through, or can otherwise pick someone up from the St. Louis area, please get in contact with me so I can let Dylan know.  He could really use a ride to help ensure he can get to the con.  I will personally vouch for Dylan being a good dude, as will many other people, and I’m sure he’d be more than happy to answer questions and concerns if you need him to.

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Hi friends!

So, I have a good friend who is an awesome candy maker and also runs her own consignment shop. She’s a nerd that loves Harry Potter, Doctor Who, etc., has had her candies sold at various festivals and cons like MISTI-Con and LeakyCon. Right now, she is really having tough time when it comes to finances and she could use some help.

Her husband was terminated from his job, with no justifiable cause and no severance pay back in November, and my friend and her family have been living off of their savings ever since. While the candy business and the consignment shop do generate money, it’s a pretty slow time of year and my friend could use some help to make sure she doesn’t lose either! She also 3 kids, so she definitely has a lot of pressure put on her to support her entire family.

If you could take some time to go to her GoFundMe page, that would be wicked awesome. Even a $1 could help her so she can pay this month’s rent for the consignment shop and other bills.

Even better, please visit her candy shop, Ambrosia Candies,as a way to support her too! She makes excellent peanut brittle and every once in a while, she’ll release her famous cake truffles!

Pass this on to everyone you know! Please and thanks!

We take care of our own guys, you know what to do.  I’ve personally purchased candies at the con from this seller and they’re awesome, so buy some tasty candy and help out a fellow fan.

staywithme-untiltheveryend said: I really love your blog! I was wondering why it's been inactive??

Lots of things, honestly.  I just graduated college, so that had me super busy.  Also, I haven’t been getting things submitted lately, which sometimes happens once we get to a certain length of time post-con.

If people want to submit things, I would be happy to try to get the blog more active again.  I’ll also go through my notes from last year and see if I can’t find some things to post.

Remember, post pre-con for next year or general Leaky posts not associated with a specific con are always welcome.